Minister Albanese Announces Safe Rates Legislation

/Minister Albanese Announces Safe Rates Legislation

Minister Albanese Announces Safe Rates Legislation

CEO, Peter Garske and President, Tim Squires representing QTA Ltd and ARTIO Queensland Branch were present today at the Safe Rates Summit held in Parliament House, Canberra, addressed by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese MP.

In his speech, Minister Albanese announced that he will table in Caucus and the House of Representatives this week a Bill to provide for Safe Rates.  The Bill will compliment the Fair Work and existing road law and new Legislation/Regulation e.g. NHVR, to provide the opportunity for long term viability, and road safety outcomes, to be overseen by an appropriately constituted Tribunal.

In his address to the Summit QTA President, Tim Squires (who held a position on the Safe Rates Advisory Committee reporting to DWEER over the last 12 months) said “Let’s talk about Safe Rates … sustainable rates, sustainable incomes and sustainable profit margins.  Legislation needs to be a mechanism by which all in the supply chain … (have) the opportunity to be heard.  There is a responsibility to address education and cultural change to guarantee safety within the industry”.

The Summit heard from Politicians (Ministers and Senators), academics, drivers, owner drivers and Industry Operators and employers.

QTA Ltd/ARTIO Qld Branch will analyse the Bill once tabled and provide a comprehensive report to Members.  The Association will engage in any necessary Political and or Industry debate on this issue which it appears will have its foundation in Employment Law and Workplace Relations.