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Application with the Fair Work Commission(FWC) to amend ARTIO Rules

“On 13 February ARTIO filed an application with the Fair Work Commission(FWC) to amend its rules to: 1.      Reflect the correct names of the associated state bodies – this entails the amendment of its eligibility rule; 2.      Ensure that the language used in the Rules is gender neutral; 3.      Adopt some recommendations made by the Australian Electoral Commission following the last ARTIO election cycle; 4.      Modernise the language used throughout the Rules; 5.      Make other consequential amendments. ARTIO expects this process to take several months and it could involve hearings in the FWC.”

ARTIO offers experience and expertise

ARTIO and its Branches or affiliated State Associations have developed many information/training packages and delivered them to a broad cross section of employers across the country. Examples of these courses include: Previous IR legislative changes The Diesel Fuel Grant Scheme introduction Uniform National Fatigue Regulations introduced in September 2008 GST introduction in 1999/2000. State legislative amendments impacting on the transport industry New owner driver legislation in Victoria Workplace Health and Safety Programs in Queensland For the FWA education program, ARTIO will use staff affiliated through the relevant State Association and in addition will use two external providers both of whom [...]

Fair Work Ombudsman Partners ARTIO for Employment Resource

Education - Fair Work Commission The Fair Work Ombudsman’s (FWO) Office has developed a resource for Employers hiring new employees.  The document provides a basic set of information and a checklist.  Nonetheless it is recommended to all members that to understand the detail and complexity of the appropriate laws you should take advantage of the service offered by Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO) State Branches. The FWO has recognised the important role of your Industry Association and has partnered with the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO) in providing the resource and identifying in that resource the existence of [...]

ARTIO Council Transacted Some Rule Alterations as required by Fair Work Act

Education - Fair Work Commission ARTIO Council has recently transacted some rule alterations as required by the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2012. The Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO) has recently made eligible alterations to its rules as required by the Fair Work (Registered Orgainsation) Amendment Act 2012. Attached please find the 'Declaration of the Secretary/Treasurer of ARTIO' and the 'Notice of Particulars of Rule Alterations'.

ARTIO National Financial Statements – Year Ended 30th June 2012

ARTIO National financial statements for the 2011/2012 year (year ending 30th June 2012) along with supporting paperwork were presented to a Committee of Management meeting on 3rd October 2012 and then referred to the Auditor with the necessary paperwork. The auditor approved the full accounts and these were accepted, along with the Auditor’s Report, by the ARTIO Committee of Management. For a copy of the ARTIO Financial Statement for 2011/12 and supporting paperwork download now by clicking on the relevant document. Covering Letter to FWA Committee of Management Statement Operating Report - Year Ended 30th June 2012 Financial Statements - [...]


On 20th December 2011, ARTIO lodged with Fair Work Australia (FWA) a Notice of Alterations of its Rules for approval under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. The rule changes have been designed to: synchronise ARTIO branch elections with ARTIO Federal elections; convert current annual branch elections to 4 year terms of office (with an initial 3 year transitional term); streamline and consolidate the separate(and basically)uniform branch rules into a single set of branch provisions as part of the complete ARTIO Rules; and generally modernise and simplify the terminology of the rules.

National Employment Standards

From 1st January 2010, employers and employees in the national workplace system are covered by the National Employment Standards (NES).  Download here for a copy of the NES.

Employers Respond to Fair Work Act

More than 1000 pages of new workplace relations laws and regulations took effect from 1st July 2009. The National Employment Standards were introduced in January 2010. It is not surprising that many employers can become a little confused about their new and emerging obligations. ARTIO can assist its members in understanding those obligations. The Fair Work Act Awareness Seminars, run by the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation on behalf of the Australian Government as part of their Fair Work Education Program, in the final quarter of 2009, assisted many hundreds of transport industry employers in understanding the Act and Regulations. [...]