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Industry Updates

Industry updates provide employers with advice on important industry issues.

Fair Work Commission (FWC) – obtaining approval for an Enterprise Agreement

Details of approval for an Enterprise Agreement how to obtain approval for an Enterprise Agreement  -Fair Work Commission (FWC)

ARTIO NSW Branch Election

The following attachments are in relation to the ARTIO NSW Branch Election. Letter to AEC - ARTIO NSW Branch Election [...]

ARTIO Stage 3 Election Notice – Branch Representatives to Council

ARTIO has received the following notice from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). ARTIO Stage 3 - Branch Representatives to Council [...]

2014 National Wage Case Decision

National Wage Case Decision 2014 The Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act) requires the Fair Work Commission’s Expert Panel (Minimum [...]

2013/14 ARTIO National Financial Accounts

The ARTIO National Financial Statements for the 2013/14 Financial year along with the supporting paperwork were presented to, and accepted [...]

2012 National Wage Case Decision

In its third decision since taking over from the Australian Fair Pay Commission, the Minimum Wage Panel of Fair Work [...]

ARTIO election

An update is provided on the recent Australian Road Transport Industrial Organization Election, as required under legislation by Fair Work [...]

Minister Albanese Announces Safe Rates Legislation

CEO, Peter Garske and President, Tim Squires representing QTA Ltd and ARTIO Queensland Branch were present today at the Safe [...]

An Employer’s Right to Stand Down Employees: Overview

ARTIO Queensland Branch has been approached by a number of members seeking clarification of the Law in relation to stand-down where [...]

ARTIO Wins FWO Shared Industry Assistance Program (SIAP) Funding

Members will be aware that the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO) conducts its service to members in relation to [...]

Paid Parental Leave

Further to our previous article on the Paid Parental Leave Scheme under the Paid Parental Leave Act 2010 members should be [...]

Casual Employees & Unfair Dismissal

Members are urged to carefully manage the termination of Casual employees in light of the Fair Work Act and a [...]

Australian Electoral Commission Declares ARTIO Branch Committees Elected

The Australian Electoral Commission has declared ARTIO Branch Committees Elected as per provisions of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act [...]

Salary Sacrifice: Clarification Given by Fair Work Australia

Fair Work Australia (FWA) clarified a long standing anomaly in Industrial Relations Law that will have real benefits for employees [...]

Paid Parental Leave: Employer Obligations

The Federal Government’s Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme will commence on 1st January 2011. This article will explain to members [...]