ARTIO offers experience and expertise

/ARTIO offers experience and expertise

ARTIO offers experience and expertise

ARTIO and its Branches or affiliated State Associations have developed many information/training packages and delivered them to a broad cross section of employers across the country.

Examples of these courses include:

  • Previous IR legislative changes
  • The Diesel Fuel Grant Scheme introduction
  • Uniform National Fatigue Regulations introduced in September 2008
  • GST introduction in 1999/2000.
  • State legislative amendments impacting on the transport industry
  • New owner driver legislation in Victoria
  • Workplace Health and Safety Programs in Queensland

For the FWA education program, ARTIO will use staff affiliated through the relevant State Association and in addition will use two external providers both of whom are qualified lawyers and have strong training backgrounds.

One has more than 20 years experience in industrial relations in the transport industry. The other has around 20 years experience working in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (as a senior officer in the Industrial Registry) and appeared in AIRC videos explaining the unfair dismissal processes of the time.

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