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Employers Respond to Fair Work Act

More than 1000 pages of new workplace relations laws and regulations took effect from 1st July 2009. The National Employment Standards were introduced in January 2010. It is not surprising that many employers can become a little confused about their new and emerging obligations. ARTIO can assist its members in understanding those obligations.

The Fair Work Act Awareness Seminars, run by the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation on behalf of the Australian Government as part of their Fair Work Education Program, in the final quarter of 2009, assisted many hundreds of transport industry employers in understanding the Act and Regulations. Employers were provided the opportunity to ask questions about the new system and clarify the impact upon them, their business and their employees.

Fair Work Act Awareness Seminars – the following are examples of the content of the Seminars.  ARTIO retains the expertise in this Branch structure to assist all members and industry participants on any of these regulatory provisions.

  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Union Right of Entry
  • Modern Awards
  • National Employment Standards
  • Transfer of Business
  • Small Business Fair Dismissal Code
  • Agreement Making
  • Industrial Action
  • General Protections

Are you sufficiently informed to administor correctly the changes to workplace relations in your business?


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